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Sexual Desire and The Mind Body Connection

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Sexual desire is quite complex. How does the mind-body connection relate to sexual desire?



LGBTQIA+ resources

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Therapy Resources

Finding a therapist can be challenging. If you are looking for a therapist who accepts your insurance, you can try Psychology Today or contact your insurance for referrals. Another option is to ask therapists if they offer sliding scale, meaning if they have slots for clients where they offer a reduced fee.


Sexuality and Relationships education books

"Come As You Are"-Emily Nagoski

"Mating in Captivity"-Esther Perel

"Pleasure Activism" -Adrienne Maree Brown

"Becoming Cliterate" -Laurie Mintz

"The Ethical Slut" -Janet W. Hardy

"Better Sex Through Mindfulness" - Lori A. Brotto

"Sensual Self" -Ev'Yan Whitney

"Tongue Tied" Stella Harris

"ACE"-Angela Chen

"Polysecure" -Jessica Fern

"Trans Sex" - Lucie Fielding

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